NETSHe-1.3 is out!

After some months of development, we have released NETSHe-1.3

Changes in this version:
- pppd and igmpproxy are used from OpenWRT trunk.
- Radio-management module is rewritten. It is possible to create unlimited number of virtual wireless interface and configure it separately.
- MESH-netwroks are supported in 802.11s mode and in batman_adv mode.
- start-stop-daemon is added.
- PCORE library and utilities are updated to last version.
- usb_modutils and USB-data for removable USB-modems are updated.
- UPNPD can operate on more than one external interface.
- the web-interface does not require Flash to draw charts. The web-interface uses html-canvas to draw charts and gauges. So, the support of IE versions less than 9 is canceled.
- This version supports NMS and Access controller.
- USB/Ethernet dongles for 4G/LTE wireless networks are supported.
- some bug is fixed.

We have started development of version 2.0 too. This version will have:
- New name. We will distance NETSHe as universal web-interface, configuration and initialization system for embedded devices with firmwares that are built with using of NETSHe. You can offer new name for our firmwares.
- Building firmwares against next OpenWRT release and trunk will be provided.
- Less memory footprint and boot time.
- Enhancement in web-interface.
- More integration with NMS ans Access controller.

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